Key Steps to Unlocking Your Digital Front Door

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Now more than ever, Canadians want access to digital services that allow them to better manage their health. Rapid investments, the change in patient behaviour and expectations, and the need for organizations to implement efficient processes have placed a greater emphasis on the “Digital Front Door” – a virtual healthcare strategy that connects patients with professionals through digital channels.

Many regional healthcare professionals are looking for best practices to build a digital front door strategy that meets their unique needs. In this free white paper, we examine the elements of a successful Digital Front Door strategy and the best practices for implementation in your health organization.

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check-mark-burgundy What is the Digital Front Door in Healthcare?
check-mark-burgundy The future of care in Canada and the new “healthcare consumer”.
check-mark-burgundy Best practices to implementing a seamless digital patient experience.
check-mark-burgundy How health systems can use the Digital Front Door to empower patients and enrich their communities.
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Empowering patients across the spectrum of their healthcare interactions are made possible through a central digital front door to the healthcare system like EMPOWER Health. EMPOWER Health is a personalized online appointment booking platform and health service directory that help patients navigate the Canadian healthcare system and access healthcare services in a timely, equitable, and efficient manner.

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